About Us:


We are in the financial industry and our objective is to review the lending process from different lenders. We do this by paying ‘mystery shoppers’ to perform random loan try outs on 100s of lenders. We then review the feedback from these shoppers and we congregate the top lenders who have a satisfactory rating into one location.

On this website we list lenders that perform the following functions well:

  1. Transparent Lending terms

  2. Competitive Interest Rates

  3. High Approval Rate

  4. High number of states that are served

  5. 24/7 customer service

  6. The quality of the customer service

  7. If faxing is required or not.

  8. Speed that loan is offered

  9. Speed that loan arrives in your bank account.

  10. An online interface to review and pay your loan.

We hope that our website ends up being of assistance.